Monday, June 20, 2011

Jennifer and Chad - One of Our Most Beautiful and Colorful Weddings!

Jennifer and Chad were blessed with a most beautiful day to set the scene for their wedding.  Their chosen colors were purple and lime green and looked so pretty together.  Brenda, Jen's mother did an amazing job on all of the arrangements.  She's not a florist but with the help of the Holy Spirit as she told me many times she made the beautiful arrangements.  You will be impressed when you see them!  I told her she really needs to become a florist!  They had a candy bar that had 21 (correct if I'm wrong Brenda) different kinds of candy all in shades of purple and lime!  Ester Gonzales, ,a very talented wedding planner, also played a very big part in making this wedding beautiful.  Enjoy the photos!  

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  1. How pretty Ginger, I didn't know that there were that many candies of purple and green. this was so festive. I know the bride and groom just had a gret time at Lytle Cove Cottage.