Thursday, March 17, 2011


Last weekend we were privileged to have the Sander's back for a "cousins" reunion!  They were here last summer for a family birthday celebration.  I admire them so much for getting together with their family the way they do!  How many of us in today's world just don't think we have the time to set a part a weekend to get together with our families.  We are so happy they are choosing Lytle Cove Cottage for their celebrations and we will always welcome them home when they choose to come again!  While they were here, I absolutely turned over the whole place to them, assured that they would take good care of it, while we went to the Texas State Basketball tournament and got to see our Eula Pirates win the state championship!!!  Go Pirates!  As the Reporter News ( said: 

Our lives around here have been nothing but basketball!   Many of you that have been here have met our son, Kainon who sets up and tears down the weddings for us.  He is a forward/post on the team and was honored with the MVP award at the tournament!  We are so proud of him and our Eula Pirates for making this the best basketball season ever!  Can't get any better than that!!!